Ke Monati Safaris

South African Hunting Safaris

Trophy hunting  ( rifle or bow )


Since the start of trophy hunting in the early 1980's, our game populations have increased

drastically. Farmers have realised that there was money to be made(because of trophy hunting) from our natural resources. Therefore many farmers have converted back to game farming , especially on those farms that were marginal for cattle farming. There are now more than 3000 game farms in South Africa.


Ke Monati Safaris believe in sustainable utilisation. This we achieve by having a quota system on all of our hunting areas .We only harvest a predetermined number of male animals of a certain species per year. These animals are old (trophy quality) and at the end or past their prime. This way we make sure that these animals had time to put back their good genes in nature. By doing it this way we try to make sure that generations  to come will also have the privilege to hunt trophy class animals.



Management hunts (rifle or bow)


Because of good management and conservation policies, our female populations increases

substantially each year. We have to manage these numbers, or over population will occur,

which will lead to over grazing and the lost of many animals. Because of above reasons we

offer management hunts ( much cheaper than trophy hunts ) for female animals of the more

abundant species.



Bird hunting ( shotguns - from mid March to mid May)


During this time of the year our sunflowers are ripe which in turn attracts thousands of doves

and pigeons. By hunting these birds in season  we also help the farmers to lessen their losses. A bird hunt can be booked separately or it can be done as an add on to a normal safari. So you can have your slice of bread buttered on both sides. Day fees for a bird hunt includes your shotgun ammunition. So you only need to bring your shotgun.



Photographic tours


A photographic tour can be booked throughout the year, or it can be done as an ad on to your safari. The KRUGER NATIONAL PARK or PILANESBERG NATIONAL PARK, with Sun City next to it, are very popular choices. Kruger Park is a five hour drive from Johannesburg and Pilanesberg is a two hour drive from Johannesburg If you dont want to travel that far, you can also opt for the Rhino and Lion park - 40 minutes drive from Johannesburg. This venue is famous for their white lions.

If you have something else in mind, please feel free to discuss it with us!



Fishing tours


South Africa has a coastline of more than 3000km. Our fishing is excellent! At Gordonsbay

near Cape Town it is not uncommon catching Yellowfin Tuna of 100kg or more. Our real fishing mecca is the north eastern coast close to the MOZAMBICAN border. These waters are subtropical and offers a huge variety of fish species such as, MARLIN,SAILFISH, GIANT TREVALLY,DORADO, to name a few.

We offer both deep see and shore fishing.